Nệm Liên Á | Làm mới với nệm cao su,nệm lò xo túi,nệm cao su thiên nhiên,nem cao su,nem lo xo tui,nem bong ep

Nệm Liên Á | Làm mới với nệm cao su,nệm lò xo túi,nệm cao su thiên nhiên,nem cao su,nem lo xo tui,nem bong ep.


Established in 1987 by Mr. Lam Ngoc Hiep, Lien A has globalized the Vietnam mattress industry.  A family owned business, Lien A has over 25 years of expertise in producing premium latex using a proprietary recipe.  Today, Lien A continues to satisfy the need of its diverse clientele through quality products and excellent customer service.                                   

1987: Historic establishment of Lien A

During the early years, the hard work of the Lien A staff enabled the company to be the premier manufacturer of motorcycle seats. Looking forward, Mr. Lam Ngoc Hiep envisioned bringing the comfort, quality and durability of latex bedding to every home.  Our mission is “To satisfy customers with outstanding quality products”. 

1995: The revolution in Vietnam’s latex bedding products industry

Lien A is a pioneer company with innovative premium quality products.  In 1995 Mr Lam Ngoc Hiep proudly introduced the first Polyurethane (PU) foam mould for luxurious furniture, making Lien A the first company in Vietnam to use mould to produce a foam product.

2001-2004: Embracing the world                                                                    

Between 2001 and 2004, the international market began recognizing Lien A for its quality products and their customer base expanded to South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Japan and Singapore.

2006-2010: Go green, go natural with certificates                                                

In 2006, Lien A was awarded the ISO:2001 certificate, an internationally recognized certificate on system management, by QMS.  This enabled Lien A to strongly control its output quality to suit international standards.

In 2010, Lien A was awarded the ECO Certificate from the ECO-INSTITUT of Cologne, Germany, and the “LGA tested quality” certificate from TUV Rheinland Products GmbH. These two certificates enabled Lien A to successfully expand to customers in Europe by exceeding quality standards.

In 2010, Lien A officially became a member of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA), the most prestigious trade association for mattress manufacturers. This milestone brings Lien A one step closer to product distribution in North America.

2013: New factory – new age of development

In September 2013, Lien A’s third factory has been opened for operation. With total of 18 ha (44.5 acres) this cutting edge techonology factory has become one of the largest of latex mattress in Vietnam. New milesstone has proved that Lien A never stops for innovation and development to satisfy every demanding by its best quality products and services.